About David Sooter

David Sooter

BA, MA, Therapist/Counselor, Owner of Psychological Services of Bangkok registered Thailand company, providing cutting-edge practice across Thailand and SE Asia since 2015.  VAT number 0105558191961

Being carefully and thoughtfully listened to opens up new ways of approaching problems. People often consult with me about long-standing difficulties in relationships or work situations, or else they present symptoms, including anxiety and depression, related to physical illness, work stress, or childhood abuse. They may have already identified “the problem”—either on their own or in previous therapy—but have not been able to successfully make lasting changes in their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Relationship and intimacy problems
  • Dissatisfaction with career/work
  • Life transitions and decision making
  • Loss and mourning
  • Chronic anxiety and stress
  • Social isolation and poor self-esteem
  • Coping with serious illness
  • Overcoming the effects of abuse and trauma
After contacting me for an appointment, we will meet for an initial evaluation period of one or more sessions. During this time, I will ask questions about your current situation as well as about pertinent past history to help me form an opinion as to whether my experience and training will fit your particular needs.
David has over 12 years experience as a clinical psychotherapist. He works primarily with individual adults but also have considerable experience working with children and adolescents. His focus is forming a trusting relationship in which together we work to improve your own sense of well being as well as connection to others. Above all I view our work as collaborative and mutually respectful. Clients have described me as highly empathetic, while helping them to achieve real life goals. I work with depression, anxiety, trauma, intimacy, health, and habit disorders including addictions.



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